GET AWAY WEEKEND            

We came to school on Friday excited, because we were only going to be in school for a couple of hours before we leave for a whole weekend with our friends, surrounded by nature and because we knew we are going to have fun.

We all left our suitcases in the same classroom. Our teachers told us, that we are going to meet up in front of that classroom at the end of our third period. We impatiently waited for our classes to be over. Finally, they were. We grabbed our shoes and coats from our lockers and went to that classroom. We got ready and then we waited for our teachers: Mrs. Rožič and Mrs. Bobek. After we were all there, we walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus. It didn’t take long for it to arrive. We put our bags in the trunk and rushed on the bus to get the best seats. There wasn’t a lot of us, so we could all fit in the back area of the bus (except for the teachers. They sat in the front). We were ready for the drive. It wasn’t going to be very long, about 45 minutes, but it was enough to have fun. I had a speaker with me so we could play some music, but it ran out of battery after about 10 minutes. The ride felt short anyways, so we arrived quickly.

We looked around confused at first, as we were trying to see where our hall was. It turned out to be a kindergarten, school, fire station and a hall, all in the same building. We received a very kind welcome. We were very happy, especially when they told us that lunch will be ready in 30 minutes. But first we unpacked our bags, checked out our rooms and made ourselves comfortable. After that, we went in the dining area to eat. We filled our stomachs and then we got instructions for the rest of the afternoon. Our teachers then separated us in 2 groups. One went outside and played some games on the hall’s football court. The other one went in the gym and climbed on their climbing walls. After some time, we switched. Then we had some free time to play. The most of us decided to play some volleyball before dinner. Then it was dinner time.

We ate dinner and then headed to our rooms. Then we had to present our room in a unique way. So we did that, laughed, hanged out for a bit and then got ready for sleep. We had to be in bed by 22.00.

The next morning, we woke up at about 7.00. We had an amazing view from our room, so we saw a beautiful sunrise. We got ready and went outside for a morning walk. After that we ate breakfast and then we headed to a nearby creek, where we tried to catch some creek animals. We did quite a good job. We also measured the temperature of the water and air, took a sample of the water and then we brought it all back to the hall, where we then test it, wrote down some facts about the animals that lived there and then it was time for lunch.

 After lunch we went outside again but this time, we went into the forest to make some wood fortresses. We worked on that for a couple of hours and then we went back to our hall. We started a fire and baked some bread and apples. Then we had some more free time. After dinner we went back to our rooms and hang out some more. We wanted to have a disco dough, so our teachers prepared a room in the hall’s basement. We danced and sang all evening until it was time for sleep. So, we started getting ready for bed. The boys said that they saw an even prettier sunrise at about 6.00 am that day, so my friend who was in the same room as me set up an alarm on her watch at 6.00 am.

The next morning, we woke at 6.00, checked our widow as we expected a beautiful sunrise, but all we saw was a bunch of grey clouds. So, I’m glad we woke up an hour earlier to see that.

Anyways, that morning was a bit different. We started packing our things because we were leaving at 14.00 that day. We ate breakfast and then we went into a classroom where we studied some more about that water. After that we played some more volleyball inside and then it was time to go home. Our teachers saw that we still have a bit of time left, so they took us to a nearby playground where we played for a couple of minutes and then our bus arrived. I did charge my speaker the entire time while we were there, so it wouldn’t run of battery again. So, we put our things in the trunk, went on the bus and then we started driving.

 My speaker did run out of battery after 10 minutes again, but at least it wasn’t my fault this time. We saw some workers putting up Christmas lights on the way back, so that made us even happier. We arrived at the school soon. We got our things and said goodbye.

And just like that, our short, but fun weekend was over. We had a great time and hopefully we didn’t give our teachers too much of a headache. Thank you again Mrs. Rožič and Mrs. Bobek for taking us!


Sara Gajšek, 7.a