Z devetošolci smo si, 22. 2. 2023, ogledali predstavo Oliver Twist v angleškem jeziku. Po razburljivi in navdušujoči predstavi, so otroci zapisali svojo zgodbo.

Tia Kezić iz 9. a je zapisala:


     I was born in a workhouse, without mother or father, there was just Sally and Beadle and I was living there for nine years, until the day I escaped to London and weird things started happening.

     While I was in a workhouse it felt like living hell. They gave us too little food and we were working all day, until one day when we were at lunch and they gave us our food I asked for more, because I was too hungry. Beadle was so angry at me. He sent me to a cell, where Sally was supposed to lock me, but she didn`t. Instead of locking me in the cell Sally gave me a penny and said that Beadle was lying to me all the time. She told me to run away from the workhouse, so I ran and ran until my little legs couldn`t take it anymore and I just collapsed on a cold street, full of criminals.

     When I woke up I saw a boy standing in front of me and I thought he was Jesus and I was in heaven, but it turned out that I was only in London and the boy was the Artful Dodger. He told me that he can take me somewhere where I will have food and something to sleep on. First, I was a little sceptical about it but I said yes because I had nowhere to go. He took me to someone named Fagin. Fagin told me that I will be working with the Artful Dodger and I thought that it was something innocent, he even gave me sausages, I never had them in my whole entire life, he even gave me a place to sleep. When I woke up in the middle of the night and saw Fagin doing something I became curious so I went a little further, but when he saw me he became angry at me and started yelling at me. I was scared a little, because he seemed a really nice guy before, but he apologised and said that he just wanted to frighten me and I believed him of course, because I thought that I came into a nice house with nice family that have nothing with stealing, but i was wrong because the next morning something that shocked me happened.

     So, the next morning when I woke up, me and Dodger went to the streets. We went to the book stand where we saw someone reading. Dodger stole his wallet and just ran away while yelling »he`s the thief«. I felt betrayed and scared when the police got to me, but luckily the man whose wallet was stolen got to me and told the police, that it was not my fault but someone else stole it. I then found out that he was Lord Brownlow and he took me to his place. He gave me food, new clothes and told me that I can go to bed, so I did. But what if Dodger and Fagin comes looking for me and take me away from Lord Brownlow?

     I don`t know what I will do next but I only know that I need some sleep.


Mateja Rožič